Yahoo spy for US security services

Hello everyone reading our blog.I travelled into Russia just before Crimean “war” started,so i had wish to get into my mail and to write some letters,however my access was denied brutally by requesting me to fill some more and more personal information on suspition that,as late i found in my mail already back from trip:

Hi Michael(i changed a name),
We noticed a login attempt to your Yahoo account (alyska579) from an unrecognized device on Wed, Feb 26, 2014 2:44 PM MSK from Russia.
Was this you? If so, you need to pass Yahoo second sign-in verification or sign in from your regularly used device.
If this wasn’t you, please follow the links below to keep your Yahoo account safe:

Is yahoo try to control our freedom of the choice from which devise and in which place should we are login into our “safe” yahoo accounts?Yes,yahoo not only controlling and echange information with american security,but also with many other foundations,so be sure your sensative information is not going into Ancle Sam electronic pocket,from where they will very well to know all about you.

The thing is,that getting nervouse on such agly attemp of controlling my choices that wrote to the yahoo admin letter,where i stay that they brutally confiscated my ability to choose devise on my request from which i will deside to log in or not and that due my state in Moscow i could not access my mail!!!

But i found that received by me mail has no-replay option,so,i put it here to share with people knowledge of yahoo failure to keep you save and secured,rather idiotically trying to get much info from you under “security” worries from it.Shame,prison world!

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How to indicate when the stock market crash?

From now we will post just briefly reminds of how to watch wealth evaporation during cultural changes and corporate dominance.

Watch the Russia markets,for many last years Russia market became the flag ship of the predictions in US/World markets crash,it lacked for much of the last 6years rally showing the real recovery is blown out from finger of the FED and followers,but biggest commodities supplier and gold producer Russian market sucks.Watch gold which went all way up on suspected inflation fears blown by hedge funds cornering this market,however for now gold and Russia will go together,probably for a couple of years -Down.Watch Olympics end and explore scenario for markets crash.We observed many real estate markets in countries like Spain and USA,main problem of falling apart real estate assets which most banks still holding on its books is the maintaince of it and taxes,for example beautifull 250m2 house in Detroit with 90-100years hystory will cost only 10,000$,but this is same cost to maintain it via energy,hitting,woater and municipal taxes plus elctricity taxes-you pay in 1years price of the house 250m2.What about Ukraine where the revolution and riots taking full blow?Watch prices of the real estate,its never did down even on event like that.So we see how in reality real prices of assets is fixed by banks which meaning we are in unfare markets,called “Free”.Full regulations,fully rigged,the markets supposed to be once the barometer of the Economy,not for now.economy sucks and markets disconnected from it.Watch oil and how USA managing this monopolistic stand via “Weather” problems,such execuses to administration which curbed any possibility to use cheap fuel as coal and installed monopoly almost in all sectors,put high charges and taxes on gas,sun batteries and energy use-the administration can be most monopolistic one which put tax on World.We pray that this bubble made by FED and feministic approach to put woman in all most financial parts possible will lead to instability ,which most already watching and inballances.When heads of Central banks in Israel,USA and EMF are women-expect markets undecision and collapse,policies of bad managment,as naturally known that markets is testosteron drived,not by puppies or printing presses.We respect role of the women in society,but we see it a  part of nature,time will show again and again failure of such feminist wish to command society.See you at the next corner of the turn,for now we do not see any recovery untill house prices supported by banks did not lost much in parallel with ianbility of population to purchase it even on morgage.

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Economy up(Stock Markets),money in pockets down

Hello every one!We many times said that the mantra the governments world around thinging is:Stock markets up-all is following.They try to convince us that prices of oil,gold,gaz connected to the prices of indexes regulated and run by governmental institutions and banks,other wise that free markets is what they offer for you:fully controlled and regulated markets in which confiscation of our funds going via playing by banks derivetives up down while buying and selling this derivatives by your pensions money-walla,how good is a such Casino where governments win win and we are loose what could save in all this last years.This meaning by other words that governments looking for its monopoly to dictate to us how to breath and to leave,poor man-dead man.Its clear that media which in hands of governments portray to us things which never would happend in the free of regulations markets.Government by doing this crating black economy and markets where it also can put hands and to suck endlessly wealth out of any leaving thing.Just think about it,first they sold to you at the top high prices houses,apparts,cars,goods-later they started to tax on using those things via:municipality tax,oil tax-high oil prices regulated by america only futures markets,sun battaries,liqiuds on air plane boards and so on so on,governments sucking up to 80% from total costs of the goods and after it place on us VAT tax and taxing futher.The Bosnia scenario is in the air,as many central planning institutions compleately disconnected from reality,while in Israel going advertising by past military minister Barak buying 5 more luxuray apparts in parallel most saver losing their money power because monopole on building,beton and materials including land.In Amerika governmental institutions and some hedge funds try speculate by the properties which was bitten down prices in hope to create another bubble to sell the needed hot potatos,keeping via future exchanges prices of oil and gaz up talking stories about so called recovery in which prices has the only way ,but up because demand?From whom?Consumer which breath his last pennies and drives electric bicycle instead the car?

EU dreaming of creation something as USSR,creation about from USA into Russia most past USSR citizens and current citizens already of other countries laughing about?The idiots stending in government seats trying to convince us about kids can see by its eyes?Guys,wake up,you killed economy by your centralised planning and now issuing certification to the plumbers and personal trainers to tax untill floor cleaner via certify the guy keeping a piece of sheet to clean right the floor!

We awaiting the markets to collapse hard,as you can not levitate in air for long time on sucking others money which will end soon and printing the new-will make you Argentina!Markets manipulated and since 2007 when the FED killed no 2 broker Bear Sterns and did not let to LEhman brothers to borrow money after Fed pressed Lehman to buy CDs and it crashed,banks became CHFT or high freequency traders selling derivatives by which they sucked all economy money into this instruments leaving people in empty recovery hopes.They also had play in front of our eyes that they fighting “institutions ” which are involved into high FTrading,how is it smart:fight yourself on pages of public media fooling people world around pocketing economy and investors money into own pockets???

its clear that as nerve system together with sceleton and meat can not exist each without other,same governments,banks and monopolies can not leave each without other as well!Food for thinking

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Gold 2014,expect to fall,making side ways before

Hello people,lets put our vision for the Gold on 2014,logics says it going into 1000-1050 spin,but vision says into 800-900,depend on markets and public cash in pockets,we wish all best in this very difficult year!Different technicals and prediction sites including some banking research agree on our view,but most public yet bullish,we expect trend stops in 1200,going into 1050 and some into year end will slowly reverse,but not guarantied,remember 1998-2001,when during this time gold slided from 400 into 250$ before reverse.

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NSA also serves economic interests: Snowden interview

Berlin (AFP) – The US National Security Agency (NSA) sometimes uses data it collects for economic purposes, intelligence leaker Edward Snowden reveals in an extract of an interview with a German television chain to be broadcast Sunday.

“If there is information, for example on Siemens, which is in the national interest, but has nothing to do with national security, they will still use this information,” said Snowden, according to the German translation of the interview on public television ARD.

The interview was carried out by a journalist for NDR, a regional chain belonging to the broadcaster that has analysed secret documents that Snowden leaked to journalists.

Under top secrecy, the chain this week in Moscow filmed the first interview with Snowden since he left Hong Kong in 2013 to seek refuge in Russia.

The 30-minute interview will be broadcast Sunday at 2200 GMT, with initial extracts to be released during an earlier talk show at 2045 GMT.

On its website, NDR said that Snowden assured he was no longer in possession of any confidential documents, as they had all been handed out to handpicked journalists. The former NSA contractor said he no longer wants to, or is able to, take part in any future revelations.

Other than the consequences of his revelations about NSA surveillance programs, Snowden will also address “his personal path” to leaking the information.

Snowden, 30, fled the United States in May last year after revealing that his government was collecting telephone data from millions of US citizens, monitoring vast amounts of private Internet traffic and eavesdropping on the conversations of foreign friends and foes alike.

On Thursday, in a question-and-answer session on the “Free Snowden” website, Snowden ruled out returning to the United States, where he said there was no chance of a free trial.

US Attorney General Eric Holder has said he was unlikely to consider clemency for Snowden.

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  • Edward Snowden

What is interesting,is a comments from this yahoo artickle following it,amazing how people got united now on governments efforts to spend their money to spy them and collect private personal info for trading against those citizens.When citizens recognise how the taxed money spent,they will think if they really should be taxed by liars and polite gangsters,hiding behind the Wall

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HSBC is a Syprus sample of what will happend to your cash soon,hurry up

If you bank at HSBC in England, don’t plan on making any large cash withdrawals. At least not without a good explanation. Or, maybe even a permission slip.

That’s because a previously unannounced change in banking policy is blocking some customers from making large withdrawals without “evidence” explaining why they need the money from their accounts .

The policy affects customers attempting withdrawals for amounts as little as £5,000 ($8,253).

HSBC says it’s all done in the name of customer protection.

“The reason being we have an obligation to protect our customers, and to minimize the opportunity for financial crime,” HSBC said in a statement. “However, following feedback, we are immediately updating guidance to our customer facing staff to reiterate that it is not mandatory for customers to provide documentary evidence for large cash withdrawals, and on its own, failure to show evidence is not a reason to refuse a withdrawal. We are writing to apologize to any customer who has been given incorrect information and inconvenienced.”

The change in approach comes after the BBC aired reports from multiple HSBC customers who said they were denied in their recent attempts to make cash withdrawals.

Banking customer Stephen Cotton says he attempted to withdraw approximately $11,000 to repay a loan from his mother but was blocked from doing so.

“When we presented them with the withdrawal slip, they declined to give us the money because we could not provide them with a satisfactory explanation for what the money was for,” he told the BBC. “They wanted a letter from the person involved.”

Cotton says the bank wouldn’t even tell him how much he was allowed to withdraw under the new policy, which was not announced to customers when taking affect last November.

“So I wrote out a few slips. I said, ‘Can I have £5,000?’ They said no. I said, ‘Can I have £4,000?’ They said no. And then I wrote one out for £3,000 and they said, ‘OK, we’ll give you that.’ ”

In the U.S. there have been rumors of similar restrictions that major banks such as Citibank have denied. After the massive security breach at Target retail stores in December, JP Morgan did place a temporary limit on how much cash customers could withdraw from Chase ATM’s at Target stores and how much they could spend on their debit cards at one time. But that limit has since been removed.

A Conservative member of the British Parliament said the change in policy “infantilizes the customer.” However, the head of retail at the British Bankers Association defended the policy.

“I can understand it’s frustrating for customers,” Eric Leenders told the BBC. “But if you are making the occasional large cash withdrawal, the bank wants to make sure it’s the right way to make the payment.”

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We want to urge our small audience about things which totally extracted for now from our eyes behind Da(v n)os Forum of thoose builded for us cage,charging our every day life with 43%+17% Vat=60% tax of direct and on 40% left from it to leave in the world inflated/deflated and finally reflated by thoose they think privileged to manage our lifes.While most population knows about how governments of mostly all countries use information against opwn citizens and how they treat them on own responsibilities,how they build inequality and how they not hurry to bring it back,but suck from us maximum our money and life power.Next Snowden articles says,what World of spying we are leaving for now,so many would be happy to be back in their USSR camp countries rather to be survivers for today agly and hunger capitalism of Bernanke and Banking system,not just collecting our buying power,but not really able not just deliver any return on it,but itself,banks lost clients money back in 2007,got printed stuff of aditional liquidity,spent it on prostitutes and shampagne and now unable after 5years hemmoragin us to bring it even back without conditions.Go your bank,take your cash,people do not learn from past mistakes!

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Prepare for real Estate Crash all World around

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What Americans leaders had hide from the World about Great Depression 1931-33

Текст: Об ангажированности “Википедии”


Сам проект “Википедии” регулярно давал подозрения в части ангажированности в сторону интересов “Западного” глобального проекта. В приведенном материале содержатся серьезные основания для подтверждения этих подозрений.

Михаил Хазин [khazin]  
09.12.2010 09:13 Михаил Хазин [khazin] Цитировать


“В сети Интернет разгорается очередной скандал. Свободная энциклопедия Википедия удалила статью российского исследователя, которая посвящена оценке потерь США в результате Великой депрессии 1932-33 годов. Возмущенные блогеры начали массовое распространение статьи в русскоязычном сегменте популярного блог-сервиса Livejournal. Материал вызвал горячие споры, «исторический флешмоб», между тем, продолжается.

В своем материале исследователь коснулся действительно «горячей» темы – оценки числа жертв американской Великой депрессии, чем, видимо, и вызвал столь резкую реакцию модераторов Википедии и активность русскоязычных блоггеров. На основании анализа статистических данных Борис Борисов в статье «Голодомор по-американски» оценил число жертв финансового кризиса в США в более, чем 7 миллионов человек – и впервые напрямую сравнил произошедшее в США в 1932-33 годах с голодомором в СССР 1932-33-х.

В своей статье Борисов использует официальные данные американского статистического ведомства. Рассмотрев численность населения США, динамику рождаемости и смертности, иммиграцию и эмиграцию, автор приходит к неутешительному выводу: за время голода 1932-33 годов США не досчитались более 7 миллионов жизней.

«Если верить американской статистике, за десятилетие с 1931 по 1940 год, по динамике прироста населения США потеряли не много ни мало 8 миллионов 553 тысячи человек, причем показатели прироста населения меняются сразу, одномоментно, в два (!) раза точно на рубеже 1930/31 года, падают и замирают на этом уровне ровно на десять лет… Никаких объяснений этому в обширном, в сотни страниц, тексте американского доклада US Department of commerce «Statistical Abstract of the United States» не содержится», – отмечает автор.

Впрочем, исследователь вводит поправку на движение населения: «Всего за 30-е годы страну покинуло на 93 309 человек больше, чем прибыло в неё, а десятилетием ранее в страну дополнительно прибыло 2 960 782 человек. Что же, скорректируем цифру общих демографических потерь США в тридцатые годы на 3,054 тысячи человек».

При этом, рассматривая период Великой депрессии, автор отмечает удивительное сходство с тем, что творилось в 30-е годы в СССР. Он даже вводит для США термин «дефарминг», как аналог советского «раскулачивания». «Мало кто знает … о пяти миллионах американских фермеров (около миллиона семей) ровно в эти же время согнанных банками с земель за долги, но не обеспеченных правительством США ни землёй, ни работой, ни социальной помощью, ни пенсией по старости – ничем», – говорится в статье.

«Каждый шестой американский фермер попал под каток голодомора. Люди шли в никуда, лишенные земли, денег, своего родного дома, имущества – в охваченную массовой безработицей голодом и повальным бандитизмом неизвестность».

Что происходило в те годы с американским обществом прекрасно показывает фильм «Кин-Конг» режиссера Питера Джексона. Первые кадры ленты повествуют о периоде Великой депрессии и рассказывают нам историю актрисы, которая не ела три дня и пытается украсть с лотка яблоко. Еда в городе есть, но в охваченном тотальной безработицей Нью-Йорке у людей нет денег, чтобы ее купить. При заполненных магазинах и красочных витринах кондитерских и мясных лавок, люди на улицах элементарно голодают.

И, одновременно, правительство США избавлялось от излишков продовольствия, которое не могли распродать торговцы. Нельзя нарушать законы рынка – то, что не куплено, то лишнее, раздать его голодающим, значит нанести удар по бизнесу. Продовольствие, как отмечает Борисов, уничтожали «разнообразно и с размахом: зерно и просто сжигали, и топили в океане. Так, например, было уничтожено 6.5 млн. голов свиней и запахано 10 млн. га земель с урожаем».

Последствия подобных действий были закономерны, отмечает автор статьи. «Вот подлинные воспоминания ребенка об этих годах : «Мы заменяли нашу привычную любимую пищу на более доступную… вместо капусты мы использовали листья кустарников, ели лягушек… в течение месяца умерли моя мама и старшая сестра…» ( Jack Griffin)»

Спасением для огромного количества безработных и безземельных американцев стали так называемые «общественные работы», которые ввел президент Рузвельт. Впрочем, и это спасение было весьма иллюзорным, отмечает в своей работе Борис Борисов. Проводимые под эгидой Администрации общественных работ (PWA) и администрации гражданских работ Civil Works Administration – СВА, работы состояли в строительстве каналов, дорог, мостов, зачастую в необжитых и болотистых малярийных районах. На таких работах единовременно были заняты до 3,3 миллиона человек, всего же через американскую систему «общественных работ» прошло 8,5 млн. человек – «это не считая собственно заключенных», – отмечает Борисов.

«Условия и смертность на этих работах ещё ждут своего внимательного исследователя», – отмечает автор, приводя, впрочем, достаточно показательный момент: «причем из 30$ номинальной заработной платы [участника «общественных работ»] обязательные вычеты составляли 25$ . Пять долларов за месяц каторжного труда в малярийном болоте». Фактически, люди трудились за еду в условиях, сравнимых со сталинским ГУЛАГом – трудно конвертировать в доллары заработную плату заключенного ГУЛАГ 30-40 годов, но видимо она была сравнима с оценкой работы американского «трудработника».

«Почти демоническую схожесть Администрации общественных работ (PWA) с ГУЛАГОМ придаёт ещё и вот что. Администрацию общественных работ возглавляет своеобразный «американский Берия» – министр внутренних дел Г. Икес, который начиная с 1932 года заключил в лагеря для безработной молодёжи около двух миллионов человек», – пишет Борисов. – «тот самый Гарольд Леклер Икес (Ickes, Harold LeClair) (1874–1952) [который позже] молниеносно, во взаимодействии с армией, интернировал этнических японцев США в концентрационные лагеря. (1941/42 год). Первый этап операции занял всего 72 часа».

«Всего, согласно расчётам, в 1940 году население США, при сохранении прежних демографических тенденций, должно было составить как минимум 141,856 миллиона человек, – пишет автор статьи далее. – Фактическое же население страны в 1940 году составило всего 131,409 миллиона, из которых только 3,054 миллиона объяснимы за счёт изменения в динамике миграции. Итак, 7 миллионов 394 тысячи человек по состоянию на 1940 год просто отсутствуют. Никаких официальных объяснений по этому поводу нет».


Справедливости ради нужно отметить, что современные российские историки патриотической направленности отвергают методику исследований, основанную на общей оценке демографических потерь – на том основании, что демографические процессы не линейны и зависят от множества факторов. Так, ложной по их мнению является оценка числа «жертв коммунизма», которую на основании демографических исследований приводят Стефан Курт, Ричард Пайпс и которую огласил на открытии памятника жертвам коммунизма в Вашингтоне Джордж Буш и Елена Боннер.

С другой стороны эта методология широко применяется в современной исторической науке, к примеру, к ней прибегает такой известный исследователь, как Николай Сванидзе в «Исторических хрониках». Также нужно отметить, что официально признанное на Украине число жертв голодомора получено украинским историком Станиславом Кульчицким именно таким методом. «В своём исследовании, основывающемся на опубликованных результатах Всесоюзной переписи 1937 года, а также на других данных демографической статистики, попытался подсчитать возможное число жертв среди населения Украинской ССР в результате голода 1932—1933 годов», – сообщает о нем Википедия.

От этих цифр отталкиваются парламенты 11 стран мира, признавших голодомор. Конгресс США, а также Евросоюз, рассматривая эту проблему, также отталкиваются от цифр, полученных историком Кульчицким на основании оценки демографических потерь.”

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Corporate irresponsibility:Rhonda diamond gangster corporation

Hello every one,we are coming with outrageouse notice that for the last 20years of the mining exploration bom many corporations used to be proclaimed searches for diamonds,PGMs,metals,coal,oil was found unguilty in cheating investors and closing their business just in the middle of operations going private and leaving investors fooled and without money.I would like to ask most of you if there is a list of such managers,which deserve to be in BLACK LIST,which is never closed on its names untill they pay to last shareholder the money we deserve.Its unbelievable how this people calling itself specialists in mining had created cheating industry in which no regulators who can stand and defend private trader or investor,while those people sitting in a few companies directors /presidents chair ripping money from all of the wholes!!!Today I deliver of of such personalities of the Rhonda diamond corporation,i will put here the list of such presidents and directors,the small research made by me found that forexample mr.Thomas Walter Whittingham  was director in at least 6more companies which all went belly up and was delisted,what a success???This is a true prise for risk the investors took,this is a trully thing for our money which went to greedy people who never was in think to deliver to us any return?!But how about  

Richard W. Hughes *President of the Rhonda,which accroding to the Wikipedia:
left Rhonda shareholders and had run to the Hong Kong,in his biography is not mentioned that he ruined the Rhonda company,no news was left to poor shareholders or some letter left leaving people with frustration and anger.You can not find in internet traces leading to find where is Rhonda went,my broker had call to phones left at company website and managment-i doubt it was one,probably popagay secretary on phone leaving promises for few years while most managment devided money from shareholders.Now no one picking the phone,no wonder,the governments never had take care about such fraudulent complications leaving investors at own risks,while benefited from total trade and taking charges left and right from companies listings to making report and ouditing.
This was the last message from message board:
Rhonda delisted from the TSX-V2005-10-05 16:34 ET – Shares Delisted from TSX-V
Shares issued 44,774,913

Effective at the close of business Oct. 5, 2005, the common shares, which are currently suspended, will be delisted from the TSX Venture Exchange for failing to maintain exchange listing requirements

Here is all company directors listed in order:
Bernard Benning  *Director of the Board
Bruce James Murray  *Director of the Board
David Noges Vallandigham  *Director of the Board
Glen Robert Alston  *Secretary of the Board
James Lehman  *Director of the Board
Jan M. Alston  *Secretary/Treasurer
John M. Alston  *Secretary/Treasurer
Judith Ann Stoeterau  *Corporate Secretary
Marc William Eller  *Director of the Board
Peter King Gummer  *President
Richard David Carmichael  *Director of the Board
Richard W. Hughes  *President
Thomas Walter Whittingham  *Director of the Board

On mining conference back in 2003 i had meat with company director who imppressed me with projects and diamond/gold prospects,there was litigations between company and DeBeers diamonds about licensed lands,as I found down DeBeers have a barbarian practice to invade other companies claims when those companies reporting some successfull kimberlities or diamonds drillings,DeBeers sent own security guards and presure the managment to sell for cheap the claims,if not they just was confiscating it.Because small exploration compnaies has no power to fight legal options with DeBeers-in most cases confiscation was successfull,however,what i suppose under the Rhonda case is that compnay managment received some good offer to go private and to sell the company stakes to the DeBeers or other interesting party.Plan was easy applied calculating most shareholders and issuing note about delisting under terms of unfilled documents,heh,how good it was work.However it was 34mln shares outstanding or around 10mln$ smuggled from shareholders hands not talking on assets which was for sure sold at much better prices,all news was deleted from the WEB,so you find no traces of the Rhonda,but dated by 2006.

My suggestion is to build real BLACK LIST for people who deserve punishment from international community,as many millions outside Canada and USA invested their fortunes in hope and trust to the laws of those countries,which finally came unworkable in reality,specialy when the most director-rats started to run out of ships!

Here the one directorRichard David Carmichael  positions within other compnaies which all went delist:

Altmark Energy Inc. *Chief Financial Officer
  *Treasurer of an Organization
Azteca Gold Corp. *Chief Financial Officer
  *Director of the Board
Birka Capital Corp *Director of the Board
Dart Energy Inc. *Chief Financial Officer
  *Director of the Board
Eyelogic Systems Inc. *Chief Financial Officer
  *Director of the Board
HSE Integrated Ltd *Chief Financial Officer
Qnetix Inc. *Director of the Board
Rhonda Corporation *Chief Financial Officer
Target Carbons Ltd. *Chief Financial Officer
  *Director of the Board
Visionwall Incorporated *Chief Executive Officer
  *Chief Financial Officer

Here is the next Rhonda director Thomas Walter Whittingham  :

Aaron Oil Corporation *Director of the Board
Altmark Energy Inc. *Director of the Board
American Chromium Limited *Director of the Board
Azteca Gold Corp. *Director of the Board
Courageous Exploration Inc. *Director of the Board
Rhonda Corporation *Director of the Board
Visionwall Incorporated *Director of the Board

This is just simple man check of how public is fulled being robbered by thoose directors and presidents sitting at the mining compnaies chairs sucking most money from company for 8-10years promising promising promising and finally delisted and gone.

Now is a mr.PResident whos profile advertised as ownest person on Wikipedia,as man of trust and specialist : Richard W. Hughes is an American gemologist and award winning author, known as an authority on Corundum: rubies and sapphires.No wonder thise man reside now in Hong Kong and no traces of other directors in web,this is fraud of very big proportions,all thoose people became rich at account of us,just on Rhonda my loss on investment is 100k$ and there is a lot other like companies where people lost stake by stake,so here this hero is comes with all destroyed by him-why then firms delisted?Not from the good life and why in Wikipedia not mentioned how many companies this man served idle?

Abitibi Mining Corp. *Chairperson of an Organization
Alamos Gold Inc. *Director of the Board
Alta Vista Ventures Ltd. *Director of the Board
Amador Gold Corp. President/CEO&Director
Calais Resources Inc. *Director of the Board
Comcorp Ventures Inc. *Director of the Board
Cream Minerals Ltd. *Director of the Board
Daren Industries Ltd. *Director of the Board
Emgold Mining Corporation *Director of the Board
Fortune River Resource Corp. *Director of the Board
Genco Resources Ltd. *Director of the Board
Golden Goliath Resources Ltd. *Director of the Board
Integra Gold Corp. *Chief Financial Officer
Klondike Gold Corp. *Chief Executive Officer
Klondike Silver Corp. *Chief Executive Officer
La Ronge Gold Corp. Chief Executive Officer
Lateegra Gold Corp. *Director of the Board
Neoteck Solutions Inc. *Chairperson of the Board
Radiant Resources Inc. *Director of the Board
Rhonda Corporation *President
Rio Verde Industries Inc. *Director of the Board
Rogue Iron Ore Corp. *Chief Executive Officer
SAMEX Mining Corp. *Director of the Board
Sedex Mining Corp. President/CEO&Director
Slocan Minerals Ltd. President
Telesis North Communications Inc. *President / Director
Terramin Mining Inc. *Director of the Board
ValGold Resources Ltd. *Director of the Board

This is only one man,please,its not Record of Guiness book,but imagine what millions of money this guy took from shareholders of all thoose companies?Our money which he suppose never bring back!!!However,I would ask those who will be reading this article to leave his vote and to build public trial to get big portion of our money back on contingency basic as for now many professional lawyers hungry for deals  as there is no cash deals from public which is bleeding in deflationary spasms.

From over 25companies this man involved in managment only helthfull 3-4trading in its lowest range since of this companies high 9.45$ now into 0.05$,other companies delisted.Even Bernanke can not dream about such irresponsible behavier toward a public as this guy,who think sitting in Hong Kong will save his wealth stollen from international community now needing cash as air,cash thoose guys had stallen from us lying via future prospects while parking cash side by side prepare to run out to places USA/Canada authorities tough to find!

I know its a very difficult now organise someone to build a case,specially to believe in its success,but if you have in stake even 5-10,000.00$ lost with such companies-its a good chance to bring this guys to share stallen capital,mostly in such cases this people give away the lawyer demand,being affraid asking for all.We are leaving in the World of unjustice and still have some chance to share our chances via internet,still….

I just represented to you the facts,how a group of directors had run so many compnaies into idle,delisting and defragmenting with investors to die financially at their own…

english is not our native,sorry for incorrect language.Any lawyer who has expertise wellcome to share their opinion or to advise

Leave your comments or suggestions,no shy

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Relax,we will have no economy!

With a government all world around concentrated on the short term gains only,squeezing the middle class via high prices and growing poor class via coupons and other social secutiry gifts,we getting quick generation which do not believe in money saving,with policies which supporting i promoting spending at no brain,while punishing savers who care about future,life is cornered by what will be happend tomorrow no way,its all about today,because every saver had learned for the past 6 years about governments truth:they interesting only in blowing baloons of debits and destoying our wealth hard occumulated,look around,whatch where gone prices for air tickets,for cars,for oil,for gas…… became 3times expencive from 2007 and no one on upper levels care untill their sources of the free money printing will be at end,expect this guys to try to put even deeper their dirty hands into your pockets:I do not drive car-because i do not want to support ugly governments,I’m driving the bicycle,killing my tendons in effort to save,i buying products on local market for cheap yet,but expect those markets soon closed and all you will have is a big market stores where you can not get good price or discuss price anymore.Our freedoms taken out,women and men wear head ears devises and disconnected,we coming to the times of absolute people disconnection,sex from romantic became “speed date sex” in disco or coffee shop tualets,other places now is a public and you prohibitten to…shortly,what we have is a bunch of corporative junk people and governmental clerks commanding our lifes via destroying it by any possible way,stay turned on…however the days of thoose “smart” at our expense people becoming counted,interest rates on bonds 7-10years ringing Berdanke to quite as biggest history money devalue man,most governments are at total centrolised agreement to prosecute own citizens and to keel freedoms,however as soon as their systems will start to fall apart we will see the wolfs fight,leaving the sheeps a little bite breath,lets see how this bunch of high sophisticated robbers will be crashed by masses which will finally found where they are!!!

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