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movie “Inside Job”

In the light of the Cestrum Revolutions having by nature as protest against poor life we continue on every day basic understand better and better needs of each other.Sad,that Federal Reserve of America lack this understanding from the first days of its creation back to 1913.This lack of understanding is in my view looming sign of the Cestrum (Jasmine) Revolution arriving into the Federal Reserve itself,the waves has been born in oceans and coming back to oceans whatever Tsunami size it was.Current inflationary Tsunami masterpiece by FED is a tax on our life’s and hard earned holdings in the world nations.I recommend to watch movie:”Inside Job” which quit well and simple illustrate how “Father” of rich helped poor’s to became slaves.The last unrest and commodities prices rocketing is result of inflationary pressure’s created by FED into money printing QE1,2-quantitative easing1,2, which purpose to bring liquidity into the “Troubled” monster banks and insurance companies who after the housing bubble went belly up.This printing happens in front of the our international eyes in disregard that us $ banknotes ownership is internationally worldwide and was based on assumptions of trust into USA  financial system,which is not any more valued tool of measuring wealth.Crime in the day light ,money printed going into the “hot potato” markets like previously in 2007 money of most of us was pressured to be invested into Stock markets which afterward collapsed,slashing interest rates on accounts holders was absolutely crime of the crimes,in inflation running at 6-8% measured in our life’s losses the compensation for it was withdrawn and liquidated.Imagine,that in 2004-2006 the account 1mln$ was receive 40,000.00$ in interest annually,by 2007 this amount evaporated ,now multiply this money by million world wide holders and you will see how much money Fed stolen just in 1-2year frame slashing interests and killing savers?Now,this saved money after loosing a stick of interest by the Big Maestro Mr.Bernanke is destined to be invested into different bubbled proposals cased by Fed policies and its’ almost no choices for those cash holders but to starve on investment losses that or that way.Instability in the world is direct result of Mr.Bernanke and Cabinet intervention into the “UN-de-regulated markets”.We are at the middle of the financial Armageddon which finally will crash the monster made financial bubble and I hope everyone thinking twice if he can trust to the issuer of the $???

Our friend is working on rehabilitating jew people who got into russian prison,we urge other people and organisations to get alert and unite,because we see future trend of privatisation of prisons and more clients from public to be “forwarded” in it,to do free work and to be rabits and mouses for experiments of different Pharmaceutical companies

About gorodskij

Self educated individual sophisticated private investor growing his hard earned private capital from 100k$ into multipal six digits numbers investing from 1998 into gold,healthcare,biotech,tech and other financial instruments,provided update on gold/silver portfolio to some big banks like UBS in 2004-6,who survived through most unpredictable chain of coordinated market collapses and predicted in his small business community 2007-2008 stock markets collapses long before it would be happend back in 2004,currently in the process of sharing own soughts and ideas with other individuals and institutions around planet in order to protect our stability and future for our next generations avoiding current financial system managments world around-calling for mental Revolution into our brains to recognise power of God and Heavens upon human being calling itself into God currently named Federal Reserve of USA.
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  1. Mr Anonymous says:

    The modern economic,accounting and educational systems all made for feeding the Elite of the World Sociaty,leaving most people collecting what they can save from cutting the own needs.Hidden taxation became agenda I hardly believe that even rich people leaving happy in environment where their existence represent a threat from sociaty they robbed by that or another form,there are new tipe of Finincial Elita today-cancer like financial system merged with governmental authorities in the way that modern government
    is nothing more but Businesses running against own citizens with all following consequences.However information and technology could be used both ways,not just for control and destruction,but for peace and creativity to where we like to be……

  2. gorodskij says:

    When you coming into the local market to buy food and find some money in your pocket stallen,what whould you think about one who did it?What if this will be happend on every day,hour,minute and second basic,how would you feel then?And what about One who will be strong and powerfull staying in front of you not just taking your money off you ,but who also will laughing into your face?Think,FED doing this by implementing different tolls unable by you understand………..

    • Willy says:

      I would suggest,that all kind of thoose jasmine revolutions allready have world around support to be made in EU and USA,the governments of thoose countries blindly forgot whom do they owe to serve,instead,they serve itself by wide world population ,the anger of deterioration of the life savings by middle class and entance into poor class is growing,USA policies robbing whole world,its not about just americans,the USA government like mad pig smashing everyone stable financial position into pieces of unsure future and disbelieve into once american idol,the respect to USA is negative and will grow even worth untill the robbery will not reversed or World Revolution flames will burn US regime to let thoose in charge to understand,that when you coming with pistol of the FED 0% and print endlessly money without permit on it-then what do you expect?In old cowboys movies the cowboy was coming to the bank and shooting every one their,from sheriff covering his “bankin boss” to the dish cleaner,thats way hystory will apply again,no wonder if soon bankers will start fly out of their offices windows

  3. I would like to thanks for the efforts you have contributed in composing this post. I am hoping the same top-quality post from you in the future as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to begin my own blog now. Truly the blogging is spreading its wings quickly. Your write up is a good model of it.

    • gorodskij says:

      You are wellcome, as we try our best to fix World under the God presence!People must have choices to read about and here we are.

  4. Willy says:

    Hello every one,since last post on QE3 FED is making me to put some words,from article:”
    If oil prices continue to climb, it could force the Federal Reserve to make a new round of asset purchases, according to Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart.

    Appearing at the National Association of Business Economics in Arlington, Va., Lockhart said that while he doesn’t think additional purchases are currently warranted, more stimulus could be needed if oil prices continue to climb.

    “If [the rising price of oil] plays through to the broad economy in a way that portends a recession, I would take a position we would respond with more accommodation,” Lockhart said at the conference.

    Though he doesn’t think current oil prices around $106 a barrel are a problem, he said the evidence is clear that oil spikes can bring about a recession.

    “I think at the $120 range … it’s a manageable level,” he said. “Around $150 it becomes a much more serious concern.”

    Mr.Lockhard,yes,not hart but HARD,we see that your family name is slowly modified actually says to us that you really LockHEAD,you probably absolutly do not understand that oil price rise is going exactly with you QE1,2 in paralel,how blind need to be one and uneducated economically to call the high oil prices to be “way that portends a recession”?In resessions mr.LockHEAD the prices of commodities going done because general buying power is down and no one wish to pump your lovely stuff up,thats why your stimuli is absolute bullshit and your speach is worthless ,just shows how uneducated you are and how discontacted from reality!

    We see however no QE3,because Amerika is allready backrupted country,that happend with Germany ,when hyper inflation picked up and mark became worthless,the German leader went to the World War.Needless to say that we experiencing same sindrom,we are in great love with King Solomon:”Nothing new under this Sun to surprise us!what about oil which going to 50$ area in the near future?We just guess…

    • gorodskij says:

      President JF.Kennedy wanted to abolish the FED,as soon as this was much more seriouse decision-he was killed by his driver………find this and other miphs created by government and crushed into pieces,the old jewish sentance from ancient books:”World of lies”:

  5. Carlos Slim is a fat pig says:

    1210 Billionaires VS 6.8 Billion people

    Slaughter the pigs!

    • gorodskij says:

      In contrary to our match oktober 2008-march 2011 observation we found opposite:Bears slaughted,Bulls married Pigs……I expecting soon divorce in this camp,following “stakes party” for Bears in rehabilitation table!

      • Carlos Slim is a fat pig says:

        Pigs and Bulls BBQ party in Sochi? I’m there!

  6. jc says:

    My treatise on a new governance model Socialocracy


    • gorodskij says:

      In my view the current system still relay on thoose who still have great money savings and untill they understand that their savings going to finish as zero, its nothing could be done,unfortunately tuntill those who still have money over 500k or house or some part in stocks will be fighting back with all their power,we still need to reach “critical mass” level from where this part of people will be irrilevant with their vote power,aka Rovolution forces will be masses wide spread so those who at defence of their small wealth will be preasured down to adopt current situation of full disconnection between government view of life and view everyone has “working in his shoes”,this is good song from depesh Mode:”Try working in my shoes”,in my view the good government shoul once in 3months coming down into leaving on level their people leaves,at least on 2weeks-same food,same income,same house,bills etc,then coming back and do business accordinally.Its like experience of the japanees enterprices where they put maneken of the boss like boxes use in every day workaout,one who is biten max is step down as director as workers hate him and its lowering productivity

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  10. gorodskij says:

    well,greecs burning all to the end,i remind you that Greece is a country with only 3000jews and os,they have blessing accordingly!We know that through the jews World getting the blessings according to Bible,greecs did learn from history nothing,country where is most jews will be most blessed.

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