Stop investing,start create,think of Mother Earth!

About gorodskij

Self educated individual sophisticated private investor growing his hard earned private capital from 100k$ into multipal six digits numbers investing from 1998 into gold,healthcare,biotech,tech and other financial instruments,provided update on gold/silver portfolio to some big banks like UBS in 2004-6,who survived through most unpredictable chain of coordinated market collapses and predicted in his small business community 2007-2008 stock markets collapses long before it would be happend back in 2004,currently in the process of sharing own soughts and ideas with other individuals and institutions around planet in order to protect our stability and future for our next generations avoiding current financial system managments world around-calling for mental Revolution into our brains to recognise power of God and Heavens upon human being calling itself into God currently named Federal Reserve of USA.
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