How to survive FED?

FedWatchingYou   “Look inside Video !While the FED and politicians slowly watching your financial suiside which they running at the Jaguar speed with your help:stand aside,stay with us,don’t let it happend! 

This blog is dedicated to the Financial system in its own nature of modern governments and current Federal Reserve .We are all created equal by nature,however some small group of people thinking the World given to them for abuse and total control.In different countries people starting to understand,that main human problem of nowadays is not in government itself,but in monster who was created since the last Century 1913-this monster is Federal Reserve System of the USA,leading private financial institution who decide policies which in-fluent not just our everyday life’s,but future of the next generations.However thanks to the God world creation we are human beings able to communicate and unite in extreme for human Race situations like today,where FED become dictator in what we have to do,think and eat!This blog/site dedicated to private individuals who ready to fight for the freedoms of whole humanity on own behalf and using modern days communications to share “unknown,hidden and ever mysterious” in our financial system to be shared with all of you world around.Word Revolution is in the air!Step by step multimillion nations will understand that time  for “Changing” is came,not the time “For change”(usually small money gift to the poor left after big shopping or purchase).Internet given to us by Heavens build bridges between our different cultures and mindsets in order succeed not just to survive,but recognise the purpose of our being,to leave respectful life’s and to share it with future generations without being shamed or greed.

We will try to provide our own updates based on connections with Heavens and international wide community interesting parties in order to give you best comprehension of situation in which we are now and where we can be in the couple of years,God gave us wise and brave to fight in the “World of lies” for Truth and rebuild it at our best affords to its origin matter!We try to rehabilitate some people who got into system net by default of their uneducated skills.

We know how expensive became the time,we know it as many our friends just have no time to see each other as they are overloaded by making the buck,that’s why here you can find extracts from our collected research over the World Internet by absorbing knowledge of best money managers,contraries advisers/investors/politics/piece makers/religions/governments/individuals making sure you get one of the best view on current State of the World.We link our best minds and delete/review if our visionaries fails to outperform.There is unlimited information and only few hours individual may spend on learning about it,without coming into details we will deliver updates ,sometimes-there is nothing to add,its time to learn about yourself,meditate,talk to God from within our deeps asking for Help.We love all of You coming to us and sincerely yours !

Sincerely yours,Youri Kozulskij and friends around the World.

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